How To Deal With Negativity In Nursing

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Negativity.. LET IT GO! POSITIVITY - Put it out there!

Have you ever read or heard about the book "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne?

It's hard not to have heard about it unless youve been living under a rock for the past 12 years!

The book talks about the law of attraction and the claim that thoughts can change the world directly.

So what you put out into the universe is exactly what you're gonna get back, right?

It's based on the theory called the "law of attraction" - the principle that "like attracts like".

Sending out POSITIVE thoughts, meaning think positively, have a positive outlook on life or daily situations will reflect back to you in a, you guessed it - POSITIVE way! 

This is why it is so important, in my opinion, to recognize negative people around you and the impact they can have on you.

It's not only your thoughts that can affect you, other peoples negativity can be poison as well.

Stop and think for awhile, try to change your outlook.

When you feel a pang of negativity, from yourself or from someone else, try to look at it in a different way, a positive way.

God knows I work with people or deal with patients who are negative constantly!

The importance is, YOU do YOU. Don't worry about the rest.

So just give it a go. Try and knock any negative thoughts out of the way and let other peoples' negativity flow off of you.

I promise you, you will feel better than ever if you just let the universe gravitate towards your positive thoughts.

You're welcome :)

Nurse Jenny




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Jenny, RN is a Registered Nurse working in Sydney Australia. She received her degree in 2013 in Sydney as an international student from Sweden and graduated with a Distinction. She has a passion for Nursing and helping other Nurses and student Nurses in the field, looking at life from the positive side and always giving back where possible. She is the Founder of Bjorn Hall Stethoscopes, a company she created when she saw a need for more personality in the workplace.

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  • This is something we have been trying to drive home on my nursing unit! Great reminder to stay positive 💜


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