Welch Allyn Harvey Elite Stethoscope Review

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In this video, I'm gonna do a detailed review of the Welch Allyn Harvey Elite Black Stethoscope and by the end, you're gonna know if this beauty is the one for you.

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Let's get into the video.

So today, in this video, I'm gonna be giving you my detailed, personal review of the Welch Allyn Harvey Elite Black Stethoscope.

Now, the Welch Allyn is a brand that I wasn't too aware of until I actually started researching stethoscopes and it keeps popping up so I thought I would give it a go and try it out.

As usual, I'm gonna be reviewing 10 aspects and I'm gonna give it a score out of five in each aspect. By the end, I will have a score out of 50.


This Welch Allyn stethoscope has got a ... it is a cardiology stethoscope.

It has got dual lumen in the tubing which makes for great sound quality.

I would say that this is on par with the Littmann Cardiology IV so I've given in 5 out of 5.



This Welch Allyn Harvey Elite Black Stethoscope comes with only the one set of ear tips already on the stethoscope and they are small ear tips. When I tried and used the stethoscope, I found that these ear tips were burrowing into my ears and they were quite painful after a while. I felt like they were just going into my brain. So they're quite small and you don't get any extra medium or large to set yourself up for what fits you so, for that reason, I've given it a 1 out of 5.



This stethoscope weights 206 grams which is roughly 2.7 ounces and, for me personally, that is too heavy, I couldn't wear this stethoscope around my neck all day. I would feel it there and it would get quite uncomfortable but if you're the person who keep your stethoscope in your pocket or you keep it on your desk, this might work really well for you but, for me, I have given it a 2 out of 5.



I paid $150 US dollars for the Welch Allyn Harvey Elite Black Stethoscope and, for me, the value for money just isn't quite there. There are a few things that I'm not happy with so I've given that a 2 1/2 out of 5.



Also guys, all these stethoscopes that I buy and review, I just don't keep them here collecting dust, I run monthly giveaways. So if you interested, you can find the link for that in the show notes.



The length of this stethoscope is 71 cm which is about 28 inches long and, for me, it is a nice length. I mean, I'm not crouching my back too much, it's not too long so that it's flapping around around my neck so I've given it a 4 out of 5.



Now, the tubing feel around my neck, it's quite nice. It is nice and soft, not too sticky, you know, it flows around pretty good, my neck hairs don't get caught, but the tubing is quite soft and flimsy. Compared to the binaurals and the chest piece, it just becomes like this spaghetti sort of feel. I don't know if you can see that, but it just becomes like this flimsy ragdoll and it doesn't give a good feel, personally, so I've given it a 3 out of 5.



Let's talk a little bit about the chest piece, to start with. Now, the chest piece is quite heavy and solid. The stem here is thicker than other stethoscopes that I've tried. The large diaphragm is a screw off and screw on and same goes with the bell, it screws off and on and the chest piece is also a turnable chest piece. Now the diaphragm is what they call a corrugated diaphragm and I actually had to go the Welch Allyn website to lookup why would you have a corrugated diaphragm as opposed to a flat one. Now, they say that the corrugated diaphragm is better for detecting lower-frequency sounds and the flat is better for detecting high-frequency sounds. I'm not a heart, cardiac nurse. I don't listen to heart sounds all day, every day so for me, it didn't actually make a difference.

Let's move on to the binaurals. Now, as usual, with binaurals you can adjust the tension yourself according to your head width. I found though, with this stethoscope, that when I did try it ... So I would push it together, you can do that.Then you'd put it into your ears like that and then I'd take it out and it would stay there. There's no tension. It doesn't spring back to that sort of position so you have that good seal that when you put them in ... So that is a little bit of a negative for me. They also have rotatable binaurals. So these binaurals, they can actually rotate the whole way around. That is so that you can adjust the exact angle of the binaurals to fit your ear canals. Now, I've never had any problems with other stethoscopes not having rotatable binaurals but this, I guess, if you have a funny-angled ear canal, it'd be great for you. I didn't find it a positive or a negative.

Like I mentioned before, the ear tips, they are screw on and screw off and you can easily lose them and they are way too small for my ears. So, for that reason for the stethoscope design, I've given it a 2 1/2 out of 5.



You will get an extra flat diaphragm. So if you wish to exchange the corrugated diaphragm here to a flat one, you can do so. You will also get a pediatric side that you can exchange the adult side for and screw that off and screw the pediatric one on, if you wanna use it in that way. You also get an extra non-chill room that, if you lose this non-chill room 'cause it does screw off and can fall off, you have an extra one that you can just screw on when you need to.

Also in the spare kit, you will get a Harvey Heart Sound sampler. This is a CD that has 25 tracks of a man talking about heart sounds and what normal and abnormal heart sounds. We had to actually dig out our old DVD player to be able to play this. We didn't think we had anything to play it in but the old DVD player came to the rescue and we had a listen and it sounds like it's an old recording and I think that Welch Allyn could update this maybe to something visual 'cause all the nurses I know are visual learners so a video might be a bit more helpful but for some people this might be of use.

And finally, you will have a little name tag that you can put right here. Now, you don't get an extra set of ear tips in any sizes at all, you only get the ones that are on the stethoscope. For that reason, I've given it a 3 out of 5.



You'll get a five-year warranty with Welch Allyn Harvey Elite Black Stethoscope and I've given it a 4 out of 5 stars.



I received this stethoscope in this box and it's got a picture of a stethoscope on the front but it's actually not the stethoscope that you buy so all the Welch Allyn boxes have got the same picture on it with that stethoscope on there. Personally, I would like to have the stethoscope that I'm buying on the box that I'm getting if you're gonna have it displayed at all. The box, when you open it up, it's got ... Everything just falls out. It's got plastic inside, it's very flimsy, it's not very rigid at all. Now, the buying experience does not impact on the functionality of the stethoscope at all but for the purpose of a full review, I do like to include it. I've given it a 2 out of 5.



So, overall, the Welch Allyn Harvey Elite Black Stethoscope has received a score of 29 out of 50 from me. It has got a really good acoustics, I can't take that away from it. It's almost as good as the Littmann Cardiology IV or just as good actually. The tubing feel is quite nice, it's soft and it's not very sticky. It's nice on my neck however, the stethoscope tubing is very thin and flimsy compared to the binaurals and the weight of the chest piece. The chest piece is quite heavy and it's got the screw on feature of the diaphragm. I think it's not good because I've had it fall off when I use it at work. Spring tension, or the lack of tension, is a negative for me. Ear tips, as I've mentioned, too small and hurt my ears.

So who would this stethoscope be good for? Now, if you're in the market for a cardiology stethoscope and you are willing to pay good money for a good stethoscope, I would recommend that you get a cardiology stethoscope such as the Littmann Cardiology IV and pay a little bit more than you would for this stethoscope, just because you will get more value for money. If you're a student-nurse or your first year out in nursing, I wouldn't recommend this stethoscope for you. You could get a cheaper stethoscope with better ear tip comfort and almost just as good acoustics.

Thank you guys for watching my video, I will see you on the next one and remember, listen with your heart.

Nurse Jenny



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