Welch Allyn Adult Professional Stethoscope Review

In this video I'm going to do a detailed review of the Welch Allyn Adult Professional Stethoscope and by the end you're going to know if this beauty is the one for you.

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As usual guys, I will be giving the stethoscope a score out of 50 and the way I do that is I give the stethoscope a score of five in ten different aspects.

In the end we will have a score out of 50.


I have tried this stethoscope at work and it is a simple stethoscope, it does have single lumen tubing and in my opinion it just doesn't measure up to other simple stethoscopes that are out there on the market currently. I've given it a two and a half out of five.



Now these ear tips are quite firm and hard and does not fit snug and nicely into my ears. I've given it a one out of five.



This stethoscope weighs 155 grams, which is roughly 5.5 ounces and it is close to the ideal weight that I like for a stethoscope. I wear mine around my neck all day and it just doesn't give me any trouble at all. I have given it a four and half out of five.



I paid $110 US dollars for this stethoscope and considering the value for money, I've given it a three out of five.



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This stethoscope is 71cm long, which is 28 inches. It's a really nice length. I've given it a four out of five.



Now this tubing is quite sticky and when I have it around my neck it gets caught on my skin and my little neck hairs. It also collects little dust particles because it is so sticky. For that reason I have given it a two and a half out of five.



Let's talk a little bit about the chest piece. Now the chest piece is turnable, which is great. That is always what I look for, however it does not have a dot indicator that indicates which side is on. The open bell here does come with a non-chill ring, which is good, however when I look at the larger side, the adult side of the chest piece and the diaphragm, it just looks a little bit cheap. The diaphragm is shiny and has got, well it's got my fingerprints all over it and you can see it. That lets it down for me.

The tubing, as I've already mentioned, is quite sticky and for me using it the past week it has got a lot of dust particles collected on it and also little marks and scratches that I don't know where they're coming from. That lets it down for me. Then we come to the binaurals. Now the spring tension of these binaurals are not as good as some other stethoscopes that I've tried out. I find that when I put them in my ears I don't actually get the snug fit that I would like.

Lastly we have the ear tips, which I've already mentioned are quite hard and does not create that snug fit that you need for great acoustics. Overall in the stethoscope design I have given it a two out of five.



With the Welch Allyn Adult Professional Stethoscope you will get an extra set of hard ear tips, a diaphragm, a name tag and a user manual. I have given it a two and a half out of five.



With this stethoscope you get a five year warranty and I've given it a four out of five.



I received the Welch Allyn Adult Professional Stethoscope in this box. All the Welch Allyn boxes look the same and inside it comes in plastic. For the money that you pay, over $100, me personally, I would expect something nicer that it's packaged in but it obviously does not impact on the functionality of the stethoscope but I like to include it for a full proper review. I've given it a two out of five.



Overall the Welch Allyn Adult Professional Stethoscope has received a total score of 28 out of 50 stars from me. The positives about this stethoscope for me is the weight of the stethoscope is quite nice around my neck. I can wear it all day long and it's okay. I also quite like the length of the tubing. When I do my assessments and my blood pressures I don't have to crouch over, which is great for my back.

The negative aspects for me personally includes the fact that it does not have a dot indicator that indicates which side is active on the chest piece and of course the tubing, I mentioned before it's sticky, it marks easy and dust collects on it and it gets stuck on my neck hair. Lastly the ear tips, they do not create a great seal for that great acoustics that you need.

Who would use this stethoscope? Now this is quite a simple stethoscope and I would recommend it for a student nurse, a CNA, or first entry level nurse but if you are in cardiology or critical care and you need to assess lung sounds and heart sounds all the time, I would probably take my money and spend it on a better quality stethoscope.

Thank you for watching my video. I'll see you on the next one and remember, listen with your hearts.

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