1. Where are Björn Hall stethoscopes made?

Our stethoscopes are designed and developed in Stockholm Sweden, the heritage of Nurse Jenny, founder and owner of Björn Hall Stethoscopes. After which, they are shipped to China to be assembled, before arriving to your homes.

Extensive research were done by Nurse Jenny by purchasing and reviewing all the major stethoscope brands and then engineered the perfect stethoscope for all health care workers.

The acoustics, weight, tubing length, and the design and feel of The Björn Hall stethoscopes were the main focus while designing the best stethoscope for you. Because at Bjorn Hall, we believe that you deserve something a little more special while working!

2. Is the chestpiece made of one piece?

Yes, the chestpiece is made of one piece and there are no parts that can screw off. It has an adult side and a pediatric side which converts into an open bell to hear those adult low frequencies sounds.


3. How can I get the kinked tube to straighten?

It's easy for stethoscope tubes to get kinked especially when they are coiled in the same position for a period of time. 

Removing these kinks are much easier! All you need is hot water and a basin.  

Here's a blog post explaining exactly what to do:
Steps on How to Remove Kinks From Your Stethoscope Tubing

4. Do you ship to PO BOXES or APO/FPO Addresses?

We do not ship to APO/FPO addresses.