How to Remove Kinks From Your Stethoscope Tubing

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Welcome back to my blog! Have you ever had your stethoscope wrapped and stored inside your bag and had completely forgotten about it? It’s annoying to have a kinked stethoscope and more annoying to find out that it won’t come back to its original shape. Have you ever wondered how to make your stethoscope straight again? Well, for our blog today, I will teach you how to do exactly this.



Steps on How to Remove Kinks From Your Stethoscope Tubing


How to Remove Kinks From Your Stethoscope Tubing

What you need:




Kinked Stethoscope



  1. Gather your equipment and make sure that your basin can hold hot water.

  2. Boil water.

  3. Transfer your boiled water to your basin.

  4. Submerge your stethoscope tube. DO NOT submerge the diaphragm or the binaurals.

  5. Wait for at least 30 seconds.

  6. Remove from the hot water and wipe dry.

  7. Stretch your stethoscope tube a little.

  8. Your Stethoscope is as good as new!

    Be sure that no water will enter your diaphragm and binaurals and be careful of the hot water!

    Watch here how I straightened my stethoscope tubing:

    That’s all for today. I hope that your funky shaped stethoscope will look as good as new after this trick. Why not try and thoroughly clean your stethoscope while you’re at it. Check out my tutorial on How to Clean Your Stethoscope in Detail: Littmann Stethoscope


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