What Our Customers Are Saying

I have to say I used this for the first time tonight and I absolutely love❤️ this stethoscope! I can actually hear and there’s not a lot of back ground noise! Thank you so much for this! I can’t wait to use it more
Utah, USA
Thanks Jenny!! I will! I had a play with it yesterday doing a BP and couldn’t fault it compared to others on the market 🙂 but I’ll let u know more soon!
Michael Arkalis
Melbourne, Australia
Tired but excited 🙃 to try out my new Bjorn Hall Stethoscope. Making night shift ok.
Ray Milne
Sydney, Australia
Hi Jenny, finally got the picture! The staff and students are "jealous" 😎, but LOVE the scope! Thank you again for the chance to win! I love the acoustics!
Barb Miller
Massachusetts, USA
John Ross Esturco I test drove one of these and it was louder and more clear than my littman cardiology III. It's super light weight too. Im definitely going to be getting one 😊
Valerie Cook
Massachusetts, USA
"I love this Stethosocpe! 😍 It's super lightweight and professional looking. A great mix between style and function. One of the things I like most about this stethoscope is soft, pliable tubing that doesn't tug on my skin or get caught in my hair when I wear it around my neck. This is a high quality piece of medical equipment, definitly recommend to anyone who uses a stethoscope in their practice. Nurse Forward Björn Hall Stethoscope Review"
LeighAnn Ricci
Massachusetts, USA
The acoustics are wonderful! I am very impressed with the style and manufacturing of the stethoscope!
I like the product as it’s really good quality but dislike that it currently only comes in white. The manufacturer says in the future they’ll have more colors.
Kendall Russell