How to Take Stethoscope Diaghragm & Non Chill Rim Off & On The MDF 777

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In this video, I'm gonna show you how to remove the diaphragm and non-chill rim of the MDF 777 stethoscope, and then I'm gonna show you how to put them back on.

Hey hey what's up guys, Nurse Jenny here.

In this video, I'm gonna take you through in detail my experience on how to take off the MDF 777 stethoscope's diaphragm and non-chill rim, and then I'm gonna compare it to the MDF instructional videos that are available online.

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Let's get into the video.

So as you can see in this MDF instructional video that I found online, the lady is pushing down on the chest piece and away from the diaphragm, and working her fingers all the way around it so that the plastic slips down and then she is able to pull it off the chest piece quite easily.

So when I had a go at removing the diaphragm, I did it with difficulty.

I found that the plastic was a lot harder than it looks, and I attempted to roll it off like in the video, but it wouldn't budge at all.

And I tried to pry it open with my nails, but ended up nearly breaking all of them, and also I found that I may have given it a little, small scratches there, which is not very good.

Then I also actually tried to pry it open with a sharp object, but then I stopped that because I didn't wanna damage the chest piece.

So then I got some help from stronger hands, and even then it was difficult to try and remove.

The plastic wouldn't budge at all.

So we tried to use a cotton cloth to get a better grip, and even still, it was really hard to remove.

But then finally, with lots of force, we got the diaphragm off.

Putting the diaphragm back on is a different story.

As you can see in this MDF instructional video, the lady is putting the diaphragm on top of a chest piece, and then she works her fingers all the way around and the diaphragm snaps in place.

When I did it, I put the diaphragm on the edge of the chest piece, and then from there I worked my fingers all the way around until it snapped into place.

It was quite easy and pain-free.

Removing the non-chill rim.

As you can see in the video again here, the lady is pushing her fingers down onto the plastic so that it comes off the chest piece completely, and then she pulls it off the chest piece from there.

In my attempt to remove the non-chill rim, I did exactly like she did it in her video.

The plastic seemed pretty soft, and I just pushed it all the way down, all the way around, and then I could pull it off the chest piece.

It was quite easy.

Putting the non-chill rim back onto the stethoscope, as you can see here, you gotta work your way in reverse.

So you push the plastic onto the chest piece all the way down, and then you pull it back up over the edges, and work your fingers all the way around until it fits snugly again.

So here in my attempt to put the non-chill rim back onto this stethoscope, I did pretty much the same thing she did in that video.

I pushed the plastic down, and then all the way around the chest piece, and then I pulled it back up to fit it snug all the way around the chest piece. It was quite easy.

So to summarize, the non-chill rim was easy to remove, and to put back on, no problems there.

However the diaphragm was really hard to get off, the plastic was super hard.

I nearly broke all my nails, and I actually had to go and get a pair of stronger hands to help me out with that one.

Now the reason I do wanna be able to take off the diaphragm is if I do want to do a thorough clean underneath and all the way in those crevices, or if my diaphragm is damaged in any way and I need to change it.

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Catch you guys next time, I hope you enjoyed this video and remember, listen with your heart.

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