Littmann Classic III Vs Littmann Lightweight II SE

Watch Here ūüĒĶLittmann Classic III Stethosocpe Review¬†

Watch Here ūüĒĶLittmann Lightweight II SE Stethosocpe Review¬†


Hej Hej

The Littmann Classic III and the Littmann Lightweight II S.E are two stethoscopes I hold dear to my heart.

I love them both but they do have different properties.

I have done detailed video reviews on both of these stethoscopes but, in this quick video I go through the main differences between them both.

Littmann Classic III VS Littmann Lighweight II S.E

If you are a student Nurse and looking to buy a new stethoscope, this is a great video for you!

I still remember my first Littmann Classic III. It was green and absolutely wonderful!

Unfortunately, as fate would have it, it got stolen one day when I was floating to another ward.


But when I bought my Littmann Lighweight II S.E I was pleasantly surprised by the acoustics!

Check out the comparison by yourself.

Littmann Classic III VS Littmann Lighweight II S.E

Have a great shift!

Nurse Jenny



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