Littmann Classic III Stethoscope vs MDF 777 MD One Stethoscope

Littmann Classic III vs MDF MD One 777Hej Hej, Nurse Jenny here! 

You wouldn't believe it, but I worked on my Birthday!

It wasn't as bad as I thought though. I Got cake in the breakroom from my wonderful work colleagues and even got me some Swedish candy - Thanks, Dan!

For this blog, I will be doing a stethoscope comparison between the coolest stethoscope in town so you’d have an informed decision on what’s the best stethoscope for nurses. Do you know cat ladies? Well, I would be a cat lady if it wasn't for the fact that I can't have a pet in my apartment, so I've become a stethoscope lady instead. I put all of the stethoscopes that I currently have and that I've tested around my neck as part of my research and it's quite a few!

Now I've had some requests to do a comparison video on the MDF 777 Rose Gold vs Littmann Classic III.

These two behemoths are both classics in the stethoscopes world and are both deserving of competitors.

Let’s get on with it!


Side by side comparison of Littmann Classic III vs MDF MD One 777:

Littmann Classic III

MDF MD One 777

Littmann Classic III Review MDF MD One 777


100 USD

99 USD


150g or 5.5oz

190g or  6.7oz





71cm or 27in

78cm or 31in

Tubing Feel

3.5 Stars

2 Stars

Spare Kit

Soft Eartips, Non-chill Rim, User Manual

2 Sizes Ear Tips (Small and Large), Plastic Diaghpragm, Nametag, User Manual


5 Years


Overall Score

39/50 Stars

34/50 Stars



1. Price 

I bought the Littmann Classic III at 100 USD and the MDF MD One 777 at 99 USD. They pretty much cost the same so there is no comparison between the two.


2. Weight

The Littmann Classic III weighs 180g. That is roughly the weight of one apple. The MDF MD One 777 one the other hand weighs 190g and is a little heavier than a billiard ball.

For me, The Littmann Classic III has an acceptable weight and if I carry it around all day, I won’t notice it at all while the MDF MD One 777 is too heavy for my liking and if you’re like me and you like hanging your stethoscope on your neck you would definitely feel it sitting there on you. I’d prefer the Classic III on this one.


3. Acoustics

For the acoustics, I gave both the Littmann Classic III and the MDF MD One 777 a 4 out of 5 Stars. They both have very good acoustics, clear and loud. Just make sure that you do know the correct way of using your stethoscope because the truth is, simple as it sounds, some people can still make a mistake in putting on the stethoscope properly.


4. Length

The Littmann Classic III is 71cm or 27in long while the MDF MD One 777 is 78cm or 31in. For me, the Littmann Classic III should have been a little bit longer so I didn’t have to bend as much but on the other hand, the MDF MD One 777 was too long for me so when I am using it, it has a tendency to make noises as it scratches the patient’s bed linens or my arms. If you like long stethoscopes or you are a very tall person, you would probably like it. But as a personal preference, I am going with the Classic III on this one.


5. Tubing Feel

In my Littmann Classic III review, I rated the Tubing Feel 3.5/5 stars. This is because I had used a lot of stethoscopes and there are stethoscopes with better tubing feel. The Littmann Classic III was a little sticky and it tends to snag on the little hairs on my neck. The MDF MD One 777’s tube feel is the same. It is a little sticky as well, but the reason I had rated it 2/5 stars in my individual review is that the design of the stethoscope, which was a Cheetah print, had bubbles on it and printing defects. So on this one, I will go for the Littmann Classic III as it looks pristine out of the box.


6. Spare Kit

The Littmann Classic III has Soft Eartips, Non-chill Rim, and User Manual on its spare kit. I would have loved it if the ear tips had other extra sizes included, but I like the fact that you can change the pediatric diaphragm into a bell if you need to. The MDF MD One 777 on the other hand, has 2 Sizes Ear Tips (Small and Large), Plastic Diaghpragm, Nametag, and User Manual. I love that you can choose between a small, medium or large size ear tips, but due to the fact that the bell of the MDF MD One 777 is not convertible it doesn’t have a Non-chill rim included. Well, I guess you can’t have it all! Or can you? Check out the Bjorn Hall Stethoscopes and find out for yourself. 


7. Warranty

The Littmann Classic III has a 5-Year warranty for manufacturer defects while the MDF MD One 777 has a lifetime warranty and free parts for life, which is quite fantastic! 


8. Overall Score

The Littmann Classic III garnered 39/50 Stars in my review while MDF MD One 777 took home 31.5/50 Stars. To know more about my individual reviews and why scored that way check out my reviews here:

Littmann Classic III Stethoscope Review

MDF MD One 777 Stethoscope Review



I hope you gained some clarity on which stethoscope to buy and if you have any more questions about the Littmann Classic III vs MDF MD One 777 or other stethoscope reviews and comparisons I had already made, please put it in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you!


See you on my next review and always remember, listen with your heart.


Nurse Jenny

Jenny, RN is a Registered Nurse working in Sydney Australia. She received her degree in 2013 in Sydney as an international student from Sweden and graduated with a Distinction. She has a passion for Nursing and helping other Nurses and student Nurses in the field, looking at life from the positive side and always giving back where possible. She is the Founder of Bjorn Hall Stethoscopes, a company she created when she saw a need for more personality in the workplace.


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