Littmann Classic III Raspberry Rainbow Stethoscope Unboxing

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In this video, I'm going to do an unboxing of the Littmann Classic III.

Hey. What's up, guys? Nurse Jenny here.

I'm going to go through in detail the unboxing of the Littmann Classic III.

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Let's get into the video and let's have a look at the box.

The Littmann Classic III comes in this box.

This is what it looks like at the front.

It says classic stethoscopes, Littmann Classic III stethoscope.

All right.

Flip it to the side.

We've got small side converts to open bell, which is good.

Here on the acoustic performance, it's circled under classic and it's seven to eight.

The one below is a Littmann lightweight, it has got a score of six and the cardiology stethoscope's got nine to 10 and the electronic stethoscope has got 10+.

Flip it around to this side.

We've got here it says five year warranty.

Then, it's got the little icons that describes the stethoscope.

The first one says high acoustic sensitivity, dual single-piece tunable diaphragms pressure sensitive, versatile adult and pediatric two sided chestpiece, small side diaphragm prevents debris in open bell, snap tight soft sealing eartips, and you've got next generation longer life tubing.

Okay. Down here.

We've got.

It says Caribbean blue tube, but it's not actually a Caribbean blue tube.

It's a purple tube, so don't know what happened here, but anyway.

That's what I ordered and that's what I got. Maybe, they just got the wrong box.

It says it's got rainbow finish chestpiece, which I ordered and which I've got, so that's fine.

It's got the barcode and on this side, it's just got the information, address of the company and everything.

On the back again, we have got just information about the stethoscope in seven different languages.

That's it.

That's the box.

All right.

I'm going to go ahead and open it and see what we've got inside.

There we go.

There's my purple or pink, I don't know. It looks like raspberry color to me.

I think that's actually what I ordered, raspberry.

All right.

It comes like that.

You get a pen light, a little extra from Medisave.

You get a little spare kit where you've got an extra pair of small eartips and one non-chill ring, and you get the stethoscope, I'm just going to pop that around my neck for a sec, and you get a manual for the stethoscope.

That's all nice.

The stethoscope, so it comes with this golden binaurals, which are quite nice, very pretty, and the chest piece has got the rainbow colors.


The chestpiece is tunable, which is great. The eartips that come on the stethoscope are the large ones and then you get the extra that are small.

It's up to you to try them on and see which one suits you best.

Then, you've got the pediatric side can convert to an open bell by just removing that diaphragm and putting on the non-chill ring.

There it is, off you go.

Now, stay tuned, guys, I'm going to do a full review of the Littmann Classic III where I go into deep details of all the features of the stethoscope, the weight, the length, the acoustics, the eartips, the warranty, the manual, everything. I will go through it all.

Don't miss out on that.

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Thank you guys for watching unboxing video of the Littmann Classic III.

I'll see you on my next video.

Remember, listen with your heart. 

Nurse Jenny


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