How To Put On Your Stethoscope Charm Rings

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Today, I'll show you how to put on these beautiful stethoscope accessories, how to wear them, and how to clean them. 


Stethoscope Charm Rings


Put your charm on sisters! No, I mean literally put your charms on -- these Björn Hall Stethoscope Charms!

Stethoscope Accessories Charm Rings


How to put on the Björn Hall Stethoscope Charm Rings



Remove the stethoscope chest piece from the tubing by gently pulling it off. Don’t worry this won’t damage your stethoscopes at all. 



The end part of the tubing is slightly thicker than the rest due to the chest piece connector so this will be the most challenging part in putting the Charm Rings on. Use a push and twist motion to insert the Charm Ring or have an option to use a little antibacterial gel on the tube to slide the Stethoscope Charm Ring easier. 

To put back the chest piece to the stethoscope, lay the stethoscope on a flat surface before inserting the chest piece back on so when you wear it back it faces the right direction.

How to wear the Björn Hall Stethoscope Charm Rings

1. On the chest piece side

Stethoscope Accessories Charm Rings

2. On the binaural side.

This one is my preferred side by the way because it balances out the weight of the stethoscope chest piece when it tries to unbalance and slide off. 

Stethoscope Accessories Charm Rings


3. And like a little rebel, you can even put it on one side of the binaural!
To do this, remove one eartip and slide the Stethoscope Charm directly on the tubing. 


    How to clean the Björn Hall Stethoscope Charm Ring

    You can clean the whole stethoscope tubing with the Charm Ring on it with whatever brand of wipes that your hospital uses. You can also remove the Charm Ring from the stethoscope and thoroughly disinfect it with a sanitizing gel by rubbing it with your palms, covering all surfaces, and setting it aside to dry.



    Leave a little sparkle wherever you go, sprinkle it around, and watch it grow.

    May this stethoscope charm with its glow, let your next shift be part of the sparkling show.





    Watch the unboxing and tutorial here:


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