Welch Allyn Harvey DLX Cardiology Stethoscope Review

In this video I'm gonna give you my detailed review of the Welch Allyn Harvey DLX navy blue stethoscope, and by the end you're gonna know if this beauty is the one for you.

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In this review I will be talking about the Welch Allyn Harvey DLX navy blue stethoscope. As usual, I'm gonna be reviewing 10 aspects and give it a score out of five in each aspect; so by the end, I'm gonna have a score out of 50.


Now this stethoscope has got a duel lumen channel. It's got two uninterrupted channels, one into each ear. I am yet to find a stethoscope with a duel lumen tubing that I haven't given a 5/5 star. I'm giving it a 5/5.



Now Welch Allyn marketed these ear tips as soft sealing ear tips. To me, they are not as soft as they could be, and they're quite small and hurt my ears. I prefer them to be a little bit bigger to create a better seal. They're also a screw on and off, and I don't like that feature as well because they do screw off at work and you lose them. I have given it a 1/5.



This stethoscope weighs 228 grams, which is about 8 ounces. For me personally, that is way too heavy to have around my neck all day, so I've given it a 1/5.



I paid $220 US dollars for this stethoscope and I thought it would arrive with a lot of bells and whistles, but it didn't. The value for money just isn't there for me, so I've given it a 2/5.



Because I buy and review so many stethoscopes, I run frequent giveaways. I don't just have them all here at home collecting dust. So if you want the chance to win, you can find the link for that in the show notes and if you enter, good luck.



The length of this tubing is 72 cm, which is 28 inches. For me, it could be a little touch longer, but it is quite a nice length, so I've given it a 4/5.



The tubing is nice and soft, and it's not too flimsy, and the tubing is not too thick. But it is a little bit sticky on my neck, I've given it a 3.5/5.



The Welch Allyn Harvey DLX stethoscope has got a trumpet brass construction chestpiece, that's what they call it. What they say on their website is that, "With trumpet brass construction, the Harvey DLX helps you hear more of the important cardiac, pulmonary, and vascular sounds without relying on difficult variable pressure techniques." The chestpiece is turnable and it has got this little wing design below the stem, which I quite like that design, it's quite pretty.

When you wanna swap from your adult side to the bell, you do have to make sure that you hold these wings and that you hear the snap. It has got the little indicator dot there, so you also know what side it's on. But I'm saying this because if you only hold the tubing and you turn the chestpiece, it just turns with the tubing; it doesn't actually change the side, so you gotta make sure that you hold the wings when you do it.

The adult side of the diaphragm actually screws off and on like that. But it can also screw off the whole housing of the diaphragm, like that. And it screws back on like that. On this trumpet looking side, the bell side, it also screws off and back on. It doesn't, as you can see, come with a [inaudible 00:04:11], which was a little bit of a minus for me. But it's quite a unique chestpiece and it looks like a trumpet.

The tubing is duel lumen, which makes for great acoustics as I mentioned earlier. You come up, we've got the binaurals, which are rotatable binaurals. They can rotate all the way around, so that you can adjust the angle that you prefer for your own ears. The tension of the binaurals, you can adjust as well, just by pushing in or pulling apart. And then we've got the ear tips that are screw off and on, which in my book, is a bit of a negative because you can lose them quite easily when they are screw off. I've given it a score of 3/5.



In the spare kit you will get a name tag, a user manual, a CD that has got heart sounds on it, so you can practice listening to heart sounds, and you will also get a spare flat diaphragm that replaces the corrugated diaphragm here. Now the corrugated diaphragm they say is better for low frequency sounds, and the flat one is better for high frequency sounds. I've given it a 2.5/5.



Now in the user manual it states that you get a five year warranty with this stethoscope. But after researching this on the internet, it says that you get a 10 year warranty. But I'm going to base it on the warranty that I get my user manual when I bought the stethoscope. So for that reason, I've given it a 4/5.



I've received this stethoscope in this box, and opening it up you can see that there's a section here, where the CD goes, and the spare kit sits in there. Now, the user manual doesn't actually have a spot that fits in here at all; it just sits on top and falls out when you open the box. Now for the money that I paid, I would just think that would have gotten something of better quality. So for that reason, I've given it a 2/5.



The Welch Allyn Harvey DLX navy blue stethoscope has received a total score of 28/50. The positives about this stethoscope is that it has got a duel lumen tubing which gives great acoustics. The little wing feature on the stem is quite nice and I really like it. The overall trumpet feature of the whole stethoscope chestpiece is really unique.

What lets it down for me is the overall weight of the stethoscope. The chestpiece is really heavy and the adult side of the chestpiece screws off and on, same as with the bell, and you can lose them quite easily as they start screwing off by themself. Same goes for the ear tips. They are also screw off and on, and you can lose them as well. The ear tips are, for my liking, too hard and too small. I also I find that I keep readjusting the tension of the binaurals. It doesn't stay where I've adjusted it previously, so I keep having to do that, which is quite annoying.

So who would this stethoscope be good for? I wouldn't personally recommend this stethoscope to a student nurse, or a new nurse, or any nurse, unless you are a cardiology nurse and you like this unique trumpet style. The money that you pay and the value that you get, just isn't there.

Thank you guys for watching my video. I will see you on the next one. And remember, as always, listen with your heart.

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